Friday, May 27, 2011

Your Resume Speaks to Me, It Literally Did

Social media is changing how consumers and companies interact, that much is clear, but it is also changing how employers (and job seekers) are connecting on a previously unimagined variety of levels. Mobile technology is evolving, growing, consuming, and inundating every known subject area of PR and now it is influencing career paths.
The problem is a common one and many graduates who are now toiling away behind their computer screen or tablets are faced with a new spin on the traditional job search. 
“How do I make a traditional document feel unique?” 

"Do I need my own website?"    
"Who should I follow on Twitter?"
"How much information is too much?"    
 "Am I over-thinking this?"

Stephen D. Vujevich, a transplanted Pittsburgh native, self-proclaimed social media addict, and now a recent Communications-Public Relations graduate from Immaculata University is taking matters into his own hands, and utilizing the resume creativity that has been featured in one of Mashable’s latest stories.
He designed and launched his own personal webpage, tied in a Facebook fan page, added professional Twitter name adjustment, a LinkedIn, a Livestream show, and the list goes on.  It seemed that none of these approaches, despite his experience, were gaining enough attention from prospective employers.

Riddled with resume advice from workshops, advisors, professionals, and professors, something caught Vujevich’s eye in the form of Victor Petit’s “Content-Rich Resume” video. “I knew that when I first saw this concept passed around online that I needed to develop my own. It’s perfectly brandable; it’s bold and unique,” Vujevich proclaimed. Petit’s and Vujevich’s foray into more untraditional approaches to personal branding are not alone and in outstanding company.
Vujevich is now implementing QR code tech and fusing it with YouTube and his traditional black and white resume, is starting to turn some heads in the local industry, and has Five Tips for Creativity for fellow jobseekers:
  1. Force Yourself to Think – Ask yourself, family, and friends what distinguishes you as a person and possibly transform it into a focus group scenario. 
  2. Pick Keywords – Utilize words that describe your experience and your personality and paint a vibrant and unique image of yourself.   
  3. Creative, not Crazy – DO NOT think that by planning some outlandish stunt or alternative way to garner attention that it is “backlash-proof.” Use your commonsense. 
  4. Be Not Afraid – Ask for help, look to network, inquire from professionals, and dare to be different in your job hunt. We’re not going to bite. We understand. 
  5. Embrace Tomorrow’s Technology – Just because you have an iPhone does not grant you omnipotent knowledge. Take time to research what is next in mobile tech and how it can benefit you.  
Stephen Vujevich is a new PR pro with a sweet spot for SM.  Earlier this month he received his bachelor’s degree in Communication and PR from Immaculata University, he has been quoted in two national AP articles related to social media, and is now acting as a volunteer SM consultant for the Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School project. Peruse to find out what Stephen is working on next.

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